A few of my favorite motorcycle vids from Youtube!

I watch way too many motorcycle videos online, here’s a few I like.

The Higgspeed expansion chambers for GT750’s give the most incredible sound! I want!


Another incredible sounding bike – the Honda RC166 250cc 6 cylinder.


This is some serious touring on tiny little Honda z50’s. American’s get too fixated on the size of their ride~!


This is a gorgeous BMW /2


Some day I will own a CJ750 Side Valve with a sidecar. Not the matte military versions though.


Haha! Cool trick!

Here is Motolaw’s vid:


Amazing motocross national battle between James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael. The whole racing season that year was incredible because of these two. I remember watching this race on ESPN (or where ever) at the time and being transfixed by this battle. The best motocross season I’ve ever seen. I wish this video was in HD.


Anyone else like watching Japanese speedway racing on Youtube?


Their speedway bikes are crazy. Most country race regulations only have single cylinder speedway brackets, but Japan obviously allows twins – 2 strokes no less! Check out their custom bent handlebars!

Evan Fell


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