After it was painted

The paint on the KZ650 came out much better than I expected. I bondo’ed over a couple dents in the tank, etc and spent many hours sanding and sanding and sanding. I’m very happy with the results. It’s not perfect, but good enough for this old bike. And it’s Kawasaki Green!!!

1978 Kawasaki KZ650

I picked up this KZ650 to try my hand at painting a bike. The carbs needed some tuning but otherwise the bike was mechanically solid. As you can see the tank was stripped for paint but never primered so it was allowed to rust.

1985 Suzuki GV700 Madura

The Madura came in a couple different sizes, this is the smaller 700cc version. It was a direct response to the Honda Magna line of muscle bikes which sold very well. From a visual perspective it is terribly designed, though they run very smooth and have great motors. This was the madura I owned for… Continue reading 1985 Suzuki GV700 Madura

1985 Suzuki FA50 Moped

These little guys are real cool and loads of fun. I bought this one on a whim. Messed around with it for a bit and cleaned it up real nice. I could see myself owning another someday.

1980 Honda CB650 Put Together

Got the bike completely put together. Put on a real tough looking 4 into 1 pipe. Looked pretty good as is. I debated painting the tank and side covers but ended up finding someone who wanted to buy it before I had the chance. Fun little project.