Where to buy wire spoke wheels for a 1978 Honda CB400

I’m buying a ’78 Honda CB400 TII, and I’d like to get rid of the stock mag star wheels and put on some wire-spoked ones. Do you know of anyplace to get these without spending over $500?

I don’t want to disparage your bike at all – but don’t bother swapping out the wheels. In my opinion the Honda CB400 TII model bikes (essentially a CM400) isn’t worth sinking lots of money into. The wheel sets from a typical Honda CB bike I don’t believe will swap over. If you want to swap the entire front end you can use any bike with a 33mm fork tube, like the: Honda CB-360/T (75-76), CL-360K (74) or CJ-360T (76-77). You can steal the forks, front wheel, and entire brake setup to get the spoked front wheel. However, you won’t be gaining much by doing that.

Honestly, ride your bike and enjoy it for what it is. If you really want spoked wheels, get a different ride.


Evan Fell

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