Honda CX500 Factory Service Repair Manual

I had a request for a Honda CX500 manual. So here it is! This manual is broken into individual files, one for each chapter. Download the ones you need, or all of them. [download file=’’ title=’Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch0_Table_of_Contents.pdf’] [download file=’’ title=’Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch1_General_Information.pdf’] [download file=’’ title=’Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch2_Lubrication.pdf’] [download file=’’ title=’Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch3_Inspection_and_Adjustment.pdf’] [download file=’’ title=’Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch4_Fuel_System.pdf’] [download file=’’ title=’Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch5_Engine_Removal_and_Installation.pdf’] [download file=’’ title=’Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch6_Cylinder_Head_and_Valves.pdf’] [download… Continue reading Honda CX500 Factory Service Repair Manual

Honda CB650 SOHC Service Repair Manual

This file was graciously put together for me by┬áNathaniel Salzman. Thanks! [download file=’’ title=’Honda_CB650_1980_Service_Manual.pdf’] This file is 26 megabytes.

Honda XR650R Service Repair Manual

[download file=’’ title=’Honda_XR650R_Service_Manual.pdf’] This file is 150 megabytes.

Honda XR600 R Service Repair Manual

[download file=’’ title=’’] This file is 62 megabytes.

Honda XR400 R Service Repair Manual

[download file=’’ title=’Honda_XR400R_Service_Manual.pdf’] This file is 105 megabytes.

Honda XL600V Transalp Service Repair Manual

[download file=’’ title=’Honda_XL600V_Transalp_1986-2001_Service_Manual.pdf’] This file is 49 megabytes.

Honda XL500 Service Repair Manual German

[download file=’’ title=’Honda_XL500_1979_Service_Manual_(german).zip’] This manual is in German. If you have a English version please let me know. This file is 11 megabytes.