1971 BMW R75/5

Got this bike with 18k. Well taken care of but smashed headlight 12 years ago. In the process of locating light assembly and parts to get it running. The tank is a toaster but not original to the date 1971 so I want to get the original 6 gallon and paint it white. Any thoughts?… Continue reading 1971 BMW R75/5

Ben’s -1975 CB360 Twin

I tinker and seem to have an unnatural draw to anything that’s no longer factory supported with replacement parts (I bought a polaroid camera the day before they announced that they would no longer be making film) So I bought this bike a few years ago.  It ran alright (had charging issues).  I rode it… Continue reading Ben’s -1975 CB360 Twin

1976 Honda CB500T

Last year my son gave up on this bike and asked me if I wanted to give it a try.  He could rarely get it running and could never keep it running for very long. I have no experience with motorcycles but decided to accept the challenge. I am in the process tearing it down,… Continue reading 1976 Honda CB500T

New to Motorcycles – Tips and Suggestions when looking for a project

I have had this strange fascination with cafe bikes and mid-70s sport bikes since an old co-worker introduced me to his two Moto Guzzi bikes about 10 years ago.  Listening to that 850 Le Mans rumble in his shed planted a seed in the back of my mind that has been waiting to sprout.  I… Continue reading New to Motorcycles – Tips and Suggestions when looking for a project