Axle adjustment help on 2006 Honda XR650L

Evan….really enjoyed your site and travels. I figure if anyone can help you can. I just bought a 2006 XR650L with no manual. I’ve looked at the chain adjustment and can’t figure out how to tighten it up. Does it a special tool once you loosed the axle nut. I love to ride but am no mechanic. Any help would really be appreciated.

The XR is a fantastic bike!

Once your axle is loosened all you need to do is spin the little adjuster plates (one on each side) one or two notches to push the rear wheel backwards. Often it’s easiest with the bike on the stand, but you can also give them a tap with a hammer or block of wood if they are tough to push – most of the time I can push them with my thumbs. Re-tighten the axle and you’re good to go.

Have fun, and don’t make the chain overly tight! I’d recommend getting a manual and following the procedure if you are new to bikes.

Evan Fell

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