Sealing Carb Gaskets on a 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000

I have an 1977 kz1000 that is weaping and leaking oil from just about everywhere. What is the best way to put on gaskets. dry, rtv, a little grease, yama bond? The mating surfaces are not perfect. I’ve searched and searched but can’t get a definitive answer? Thanks for reading this since it looks like you are a very busy man doing a hobby for a living.

Best practice for gaskets varies from bike to bike. If you have a service manual for your bike it will tell you exactly what should be used. Most times nothing is needed beside the gasket itself, just make sure you clean the mating surfaces real well. However, when in doubt I often put on a very thin layer of RVT on either side of the cylinder and head gaskets, and I’ve never experienced any problems.

I have a KZ manual but it’s not handy right now. I’ll look it up to see what they recommend.

Thank you so much for the quick response.  I have the Claymer manual but it says almost nothing about case gaskets.  I am going to give it one more try but put them on dry and if any leak then I will use a very very thin layer on the mating surfaces.

BTW going to any bike weeks. I am heading to americade and possibly laconia.

I love Laconia Bike Week in NH. I’ve ridden out for that several times and always have a great. Probably won’t be there this year as I’m planning on a few more long rides. Another route down through Baja real soon, hopefully up to Northern Alaska in the summer, and I’ll sneak in some riding in the rockies too!

Evan Fell

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