Clutch noise at start up

Thanks again Evan for the tip in the cold start issue ! I cleaned the carbs and put a new air filter in and it cured my problem !

I have another issue with the bike… 1983 GS750E
When you start up the bike it has a clacking sound coming from the clutch but when you pull the clutch lever in it goes away also when the bike warms up the sound completly goes away. any insight into my issue would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Jay – glad the air filter worked out for you.

Rattling clutches on startup can be a few things.

It can be wear on the fingers of your clutch basket. If the bike has been ridden hard the clutch basket can have ridges worn into it which can cause the plates to sit a little awkward. Only way to know for sure is to open up the clutch and look. It’s easy to do, and if the groves aren’t too deep you can sand them smooth in an hour.

It can also be a sign that your clutch springs are starting to weaken. Again, you’ll have to open the clutch and measure them to be sure.

The easiest thing – try a different oil. Oil will drain off the clutch plates when the bike sits, so they can be dry on initial start up causing them to rattle a bit. Switch oils to a different brand or slightly heavier weight and see if it changes.

Storing the bike on the center stand may help too.

Evan Fell

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