Cannot get my 2001 Suzuki drz 400 to start

My Suzuki won’t start. I filled it with gas and put in a new air filter, fuel filter, spark plug, and battery. I also cleaned the carburetor. The bike wants to start, but appears and sounds like it is not getting fuel. Any ideas?

Sounds to me like the pilot jet is still clogged. Did you pull it out and look through it to verify it is clean? Double check it.

Also, have you verified you are getting a strong spark? If you have spark than I’d bet dollars to doughnuts your pilot jet is still dirty.

Is yours a kick or electric start model?

– Make sure fuel is flowing out of the petcock.
– Make sure your choke is on
– Make sure the cylinder isn’t flooded (hold throttle wide open and kick through 5 times)
– Make sure when you are attempting to start the bike that you do not touch the throttle until it is running. Hands off! Heh.

Evan Fell

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