Throttle Problem Yamaha 650 Maxim

Motorcycle 650 Yamaha
I am looking to find how the throttle cable attaches to the carb. Right now the throttle doesn’t return after you twist the throttle open.
I would really like to find a description and a picture of the system.

Hi Jmax,

If your throttle isn’t snapping back there are four possible causes.

1. The carb slides are dirty (this will make turning the throttle difficult too).

2. The springs by the attachment point on the carb are worn (unlikely).

3. The cable is worn. If your cable is old it is the most likely culprit. Detach the cable from the carb and from the throttle tube.  Move the cable back and forth by hand. The cable should practically free fall through the sheath – there should be very little resistance. If there is resistance at all, replace it.

4. Your throttle tube is gummed up inside the housing or on the handlebar. You can remove the throttle, open it up, and clean the tube and handlebar thoroughly.

I checked out your tips. The cable was gummed up near the handle bar.
Thanks for your help. I love your site.

Great! Glad you got it sorted. Ride on!

Evan Fell

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