1982 Honda CB750F Carb Issue

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I have a 1982 CB750F and i have been restoring this past winter and I have a issue that i need help with.

The carbs were rebuilt by a local shop and I have replaced plugs also. The problem i am having is when you are riding all of a sudden the you lose power (almost like it is getting to much gas). If you pull in the clutch you rev it a couple times and it will slowly resumes power, the other issue is along the same line but when you are cruising along and it hits 4000 rpm and it bogs a bit then all of a sudden it launches like a rocket.


Hi Tank –

Definitely sounds like a carb related issue to me. It could either be flooding or starving. I’ve had similar symptoms on bikes when then float was set too low. At higher RPMs when cruising the the bike is drinking more fuel than the float is allowing in, so eventually the main jet becomes starved for fuel.

First thing I would do is check your float heights. I bet they are slightly off, either high or low, hard to say.

While you have the bowl open you might as well pull out the float needles and verify they are clean and no rogue debris is stuck in there.


Excellent idea. I will let you know what I find.


Here is where i am today. Checked the carbs and they are clean. Started checking around different items and found the plug wires were in poor shape and replaced them. While i was looking i pulledĀ  the plugs were black with soot. Cleaned them up and changed the inline filter.

Fired up on simple touch of the start button. Took it for a ride and it screamed and never bogged at all.
I am not sure what the single item i did to fix the issue. I will keep up and let you know how progress goes.

Thanks for the input and ideas, ride safe.

Great to hear it’s running well again!

Old plugs can definitely choke up a bike. I’ve had more than a couple bikes that wouldn’t even start because the spark produced by the old plugs was too weak. Replace with new and instantly fixed.

Evan Fell

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