Suzuki GN400

I have a Suzuki GN400. I am trying to redo the wiring. I have pretty much all of it figured out, im just not sure how to wire the regulator into the bike. It is a kick-start bike and I am going to be running it with no battery. I have the wiring diagram, I just can’t figure out exactly how to wire the power with the regulator since the bike is a 6v bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have the wiring diagram if you would like to see it so you know what I am working with. The only things I want to have on the bike are the speedo, headlight, taillight, and turn signals, everything else is coming off the bike.

I’m not too familiar with the GN400, but it may not be as simple as wiring a regulator. Some bikes just simple don’t produce enough power to run the bike properly at low RPMs without a battery. If it is a kick-start model then it seems reasonable that the bike would run without a battery. In which case simply removing the battery would be all it takes – the regulator would already be wired in. What specifically is the problem you’re having with the wiring? If you have the diagram it should be pretty straight forward.

If you post it here I can take a look.

Evan Fell

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