Building a Yamaha XS1100 Bar Stool Racer

I’m building a barstool racer with an 78 xs1100 engine. I need help with the wiring. I dont want it to be a total loss system. I need Inginition and charging short cut from t.c.i./ rectifier throuhg on / off switch and start button everthing else will run off the fuse block and switchs. If you could help it would be great . Thanks Fred

Hi Fred,

I don’t know exactly what help you are looking for aside from me coming over and wiring it for you.

Start with the full wiring harness on an XS1100. Cut back all the sheaths to expose the wires. Then go through things one piece and one wire at a time. If you don’t need the part, take it out, then remove the related wires. If you do need it, leave it in. Use a volt meter to trace current. Sounds like all you are looking to do is replace the ignition switch with a keyless switch, and remove all the lights. Most everything else you will be keeping.

Take your time and you can whittle that harness down to nothing.


Evan Fell

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