1975 CB550 Rewire – Keeps Dying

Ive been working on my 1975 cb 550 i used your simple wiring diagram with a battery but now when I kick it over it will only stay running for a short period of time before it dies from lack of charging. So before i go but a new regulator/rectifier I want to try you kickstart only wiring, My question is can you tell me what are the 3 color wires coming off the regulator/rectifier you are running straight to the ignition? an what wire you are using to ground the reg/rec? im using the individual reg an individual rectifier an my last question where are you grounding the points, I only have the 2 black an white wires an the yellow an blue wires coming from the points,

any help would be great thanks alot.

Wire colors are going to vary from bike to bike. On a CB550 the regulator and the rectifier are two separate units. The rectifier has 5 wires, 4 to the stator and 1 to the battery. The regulator has 2 wires, 1 in and 1 out, and a ground to the frame.

The SOHC4 Honda CB’s require a battery to run. If you are planning to remove the battery you will need to provide a load ballast in the system to keep things operational. There are a couple ways to go about this, but you will need to do some research and come up with the specific electrical requirements of the components used on your particular bike.

For the points – blue to one coil, yellow to the other. The black/white should be grounds.

Evan Fell

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