Honda V65 magna putting fuel up into breather

Hi everyone i have a problem with my 83 v-65 magna it is putting fuel up through the breather and running bad it won’t idle give it fuel it will only go to 1500 rpms and fuel starts coming out the breather. had it  to honda they said they set the carbs to there spec’s they also broke the signal light of it now it is running worst than it was before. any ideas.

If you have fuel coming out the carb overflow lines (draining out the bottom of the bike) then you have a sticky float, damaged float, dirty float needle, or otherwise gummed up fuel system. When fuel is rushing in and dumping out the overflow the level in the carb bowl is too high and will cause the motor to run poorly. You need to pull your carbs and give them a good inspection.

Evan Fell

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