Torn throttle body diaphragm. Any way to fix?

Can it be fixed? Or do I just have to buy a new one? Can I buy just the body? Or do I have to buy a whole new carb (which probably means buying a whole set of carbs which seems like a waste).

I was surprised to see the tear. I hadn’t noticed anything in terms of hesitation, idle issues, etc. What symptoms would I expect to see from a torn diaphragm?

If you just have a small hole or tear it can be repaired. Since you haven’t had any significant effects yet I assume it is a small split. If it is bigger you might be best off replacing it with another used piece.

You can repair them with all sorts of glues, but supposedly the best glue to use is Gorilla Glue because it is resistant to gas fumes. The gas exposure will deteriorate other glues fairly quickly. I’m sure you’ve seen Gorilla Glue, but if not, you can get it at any hardware store.


Evan Fell

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