2006 900cc triumph thruxton

I just recently laid my 2006 900cc triumph thruxton down. Being that the imported parts are so expensive I was wondering if there was a way to get cheaper universal parts so I can get back on the road?

The parts I would need:

Speedometer (both rpm and speed), the hand levers (both brake and clutch), the back brake foot lever, foot gear shifter, both back pegs.

If you know of anything that may help… weather it be a similar model that is compatible to the 2006 thruxton triumph or just factory parts that are reasonable in cost and I can pick up quickly. Thanks!

I’m not very familiar with the newer Triumphs, do they have electronic speedos and tachs? Or mechanical? If they are mechanical there are all sorts of universal parts you can swap out. If you have to deal with the Triumphs internal computer (which may or may not exist) then your options are probably much more limited.

Levers are usually interchangeable between dozens of models. Go down to your nearest salvage yard with your broken pieces and match them up. Or get the part numbers and cross reference the other bikes they fit then do some ebaying.

Glad your alright. Pictures of the damaged bike?

Sounds like the tank and engine made a clean escape?

Evan Fell

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