Hitachi carbs for 1982 Yamaha Seca

Hi:  I received my seca which sat for 18 yr.  The carb was dirty, so I cleaned it.  I noticed that the 225 air jet was furthest from the screw that holds the cover  over the air jets.  This jet was frozen into the carb and I coulldn’t get it out.  Then I didn’t know how to clean it, so I bought a used carb set, and the largest jet was 195 (UK) but it was closest to the screw that holds the cover.  Now.  the manual (Haynes) shows a picture of the air jets with the large jet furthest from the screw.  And they have an arrow showing that it is the main air jet.  Now, in the discription page it says that the main air jet is number 80(a very small hole) and the pilot jet is the large one.  What a quandry.  I am still running the bike with the small air jet furthest from the cover retaining screw.  But the bike runs so terribly rich that after only a couple months, the spark plugs are really sooted up.  Help.  I don’t know how the resolve this delema!  Thanks, Curtis

If you’re real rich you can soot up the plugs in just a few miles.

The Main jet is the larger one. The 80 is the pilot jet. The Main jets are directly in line with the needle.

Did you read my carb cleaning article? I was using a 82 Seca for all the photos. … right-way/

Main jet is the top in this picture.


Evan Fell

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