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Hi all,
I would like to know if there is an international tyre dealer site that ships to italy where I can buy cheap tyres for street motorbyke or retread tyres for off-road training.
Thank you for your suggestions.

Hey fin!

I’ve never ordered any tires and had them shipped to Europe so I’m probably not the best person to ask. Perhaps another member has some ideas.

I buy most of my tires from Tires Unlimited here in the US ( – They typically have great prices and reasonable shipping. You might try sending them a message and checking on international costs, but I would assume it’s probably cheaper for you to just buy locally.


Note from Reader:
I ordered Tire from China for 2nd Bike¬† (3.25×18) I needed wide and smooth tread (under 4″ and 18″ was good) tire cost me $8.00 USD buth shipping was the killer. I am in Thailand, Chiang Mai (northern Thailand)Supplier helped me declaring as sample so import tax was 200 Baht (about 6.50 USD) freight 45.00 USD!!¬† So if you order International get them to Quote Shipping and Safest way to not get screwed by Parcel Carrier is to prepay everything and Insure!!!

Lots of luck!

Evan Fell

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