Will Boiling the Carbs Clear the Internal Passages?

Hi. Read your article about Carb cleaning/boiling. I was wondering, will the boiling method clear up the little Carb Circuitry passages in the body of the carb? Have you ever tried?

Sure – that’s the whole point!

Boiling in lemon juice isn’t any sort of magic formula, but it DOES do a great job of breaking up gunk inside the carbs.

It’s always a good idea to check internal passages by blowing air through them, or shooting carb cleaner or wd-40 through them with a straw. If you have stubborn passages you can force fluid through them with a syringe. Or give some more extreme techniques a try, like the boiling. If you have access to an ultrasonic cleaner toss them in!

There are lots of different methods. I’ve disassembled and soaked many racks in chem dip. I’ve also done the boiling with different solutions. It’s also well known that a soak in Pinesol does wonders. Pick your poison – none are a magic solution, but all are great tools for aiding in getting old grungy carbs back into service.

Evan Fell

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