Brand new 1974 Jawa 350

Good day sir, just a general motrocycle question for you. I have a 74 Jawa 350 that has never been driven, and just assembled a few years ago. It was running fine till I was stupid and mixed the 30:1 two stroke in the tank.. Now this is the only year that has the oil tank to do the two stroke mix for you and I didnt know that at the time. So after I realized, I drained the tank, put in new fuel, and tried to kick it over, but my battery had no juice so I put that on for a few hours(4-5hrs) still no luck. Now I will admit that I am not mechanically minded by any sense of the word but all I can guess is that either my battery is completly dead, my carb is gummed up with oil, or both. If , from this wandering story, can give me any hints it would be Greatly appreciated..Also may look into a bike maintanance course so I dont have to keep bother folks like you lol. Thanks for your time.

I bet your spark plug is fouled. If you had oil premixed in the gas and the oil pump on you likely just had too much oil and the spark plug got saturated. Pull the plug and put in a new one, I bet you’ll be good to go.

When riding a 2 stroke its always a good idea to keep a spark spark plug (or two) under the seat. Even in perfect conditions it’s still common for the plug to foul once in a while.


Evan Fell

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