Hitachi Carb

In the photo.. Where do tubes ‘A’ and ‘B’ go, and how can I clean them out..  I can not pass cleaner or air through them.

The bike had sat for 8 or more years due to me having a stroke.  Now time to get back to riding…If I can get her running again. I wish I could afford to just send them somewhere and have them done.. But I simply dont have the $$$. So, must do it my self.

Hitachi HSC40

A is the choke circuit. It sucks gas when the choke is one. B is the pilot jet, it sucks gas at idle and below 1/4 throttle. If either of these are clogged the bike will barely run or start. They are essential to proper running. Just give me carb cleaning article a read – you can definitely do it yourself very cheaply.

Evan Fell

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