Putting Dual Disks on a XJ650 Maxim

I have an 82 xj650 maxim with a single front disc.i would like to have duals on the maxim. i have a 79 xs750 with dual discs. can i swap the forks with the duals from the xs750 on to the 650 maxim?

Just put calipers to the fork tube diameters, if they match, then you can swap them! Just make sure to also swap the master cylinder so you get enough volume/pressure.

Or, allow me to verify……. 1982 XJ650 has 35mm forks.  1979 XS750 has 36mm forks. They won’t swap! But the steering stems might be the same size. I’d have to compare bearing part numbers to figure out if those would swap.

Evan Fell

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