Yamaha XS850 Triple Bobber Project

hey bro am building that bobber out of my yamaha xs850 triple,removed the headlight gonna put a diffrent one on took the turn signals off front and backand tail light off all torn down to cut the frame.problem I am having is before I cut it up I am stumped on how to simply wire it.just want the new headlight,l.e.d.turn signals small ones,tail light…Here is the problem,took the headlight off the wholt wireing harness is routed in theregoes down to everything electrical…was wondering if I should tear those harnesses out and run new wire to everything.I am lost ,as you can see lol.was hopeing you could suggest what to do or direct me to a video or some kind of book…Damn electrical is my only problem on creating this amazing ride appreciate any help,I know you the man to help me…thanks bro…

Hi Pete – glad you’re making some headway on the bike.

If you’re just looking to trim out all the unneeded wires I generally like to carefully cut the black sheaths off of the wiring harness so all wires are exposed. Then you can easily just trace each wire by hand and snip it off.

Something like this.

Evan Fell

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