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Re: Carb boiling. Bike’s not been running for along time and the Keihins for a V-4 have heavy deposits. My questions: First, do I need to remove all rubber and plastic pieces off the carb, because that would require separating the four of them? Next, do I maintain the water boiling for the duration? Last, is 20 minutes the recommended boiling time? BTW, I would have posted to the forum but was unable to register. Thanks for your help!

Notes from Reader:
Yes. Pretty much the answer to all your questions. I just got done cleaning out 4 Keihins myself. Although the best thing to do is remove all non metal before boiling, I have gotten away with putting the rubber clad parts into a mesh bowl. Keeps them in the water without allowing them to stick to the hot bottom of the pot. Boil for longer if it doesnt work the first time. And do take them all apart but boil individually. Be methodical and organized. Hope this helps

My Comments:
Well, I would say that breaking apart the rack of carbs isn’t completely necessary. It does always make them a little easier to work on, bit I rarely disassemble the racks unless it’s absolutely needed. You can dunk the whole carbs rubbers and all, though I typically remove the rubber diagrams and slide so the lemon juice can easily flow in and out of the carb bodies.

Just keep your pot simmering and swish around the carbs as best you can. It’s best to do it outdoors on something like a bbq grill because the smell in the house is foul!

Evan Fell

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