Replacing the Thottle Cable BMW K100

I dig your blog! I need some advise on my BMW K100. I found out about a factory recall on the throttle cable, and soon after sure enough, it started sticking and is now totally stiff. Is there something I can do about this short of buying a new cable? And if not, do you know where I can find one? I’ve looked at the BMW parts site and wasn’t able to find it.

Hey Kevin – thanks for the kind words.

You should check the condition of your throttle cables periodically regardless of bike or age. Without too much effort you can disconnect your throttle cable at both ends. Then slide the cable itself back and forth through the sheath using your hands. It should slide almost effortlessly. If there is any binding or you have to use even a small bit of effort for the cable to move/slide then it should be replaced.

Keep in mind your cable is 24 years old already. Please buy a new one and avoid a failure.

You can lube a cable periodically using cable specific lube. I prefer to use graphite powder, it keeps things clean, dry, and operating smoothly – introducing oil to your cables can attract dirt and dust.

Evan Fell

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