1976 Honda 550F Carburetors

I have a 1976 Honda 550F that needs a set of carburetors.  I’ve been looking on ebay and have bid on a couple of sets.  My question is most carb descriptions only give limited info regarding if the carbs are from a 550F (98 main jets/38 idle jets) or 550K (100 main jets/40 idle jets).  Are these carbs interchangeable-will the different jets much much of a difference?

Great blog-thanks for your help.

As far as I know bustoff21 the carbs are exactly the same with the exception of jetting, but I’ll see if I can do some checking for you and find out. What is wrong with the carbs you have?

When I got bike the carbs were missing.  I did pick up a set of carbs on ebay with 100 main jets/40 idle jets instead of the original 98 main jets/38 idle jets.  Will the slight difference in jet size make much of a difference.

It likely won’t make a big difference, depending on your elevation and bike setup. Only one way to find out! Or you can just swap the jets.

Evan Fell

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