1980 Yamaha XT250G Starting Problem

1980 XT250G the bike is only off road.

I am trying to get my bike running again. It is having trouble with starting. I have taken apart the carburetor and cleaned it. The float is working right. When I kick it to get it started it won’t idle, and when I finally get it to rev up it dies. Whenever I give it any gas after getting it to kick over it shuts down. My dad is the mechanic in the family and I have him helping me with it but he doesn’t have much time lately. I understand the basics of it. If you need any questions answered feel free to ask me and I will try to answer the best I can. If there is any insights that you could help me out with it would be much appreciated. Feel free to e-mail me any other questions or comments.


How much compression does it have?

If you don’t have a compression gauge you should get one and take a reading. There’s no sense trying to tune up a bike that needs a new piston and honed cylinder.

How many hours/miles are on the bike?

Evan Fell

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