Honda 1984 Shadow VT700C carb problems

Old bike just got running.  I think sat for a long time, don’t know how long.

When I wind it up in first and shift into second it bogs and misses, can’t put any load on it, also smokes. When I wind it up in neutral it smokes and misses when it get to higher rpm.  Checked the plugs and air cleaner.  Plugs are wet, air cleaner ok.  Seems to be way rich.  Winding it up in neutral after running for a while it seems to actually leak upburned fuel from a rust hole at the bottom of the right side pipe.

What ya think?

I think you need to pull the carbs and give them a good cleaning.

You could potentially have cylinder/piston/valve issues, but a carb problem is more likely. Pull them and give them a good service. Stuck floats and needles will flood your motor like no tomorrow.


Evan Fell

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