1978 Yamaha XS1100 AC Generator

I think my problem all along has been the ac generator. Everyone I’ve talked to has said this could be y I’m not getting any spark from my coils. Does this sound correct? Also i have the bike hooked up to the battery and everything is off and i came back to the bike and the ac generator cover was hot to the touch. Does this mean the ac generator is bad?

Notes from a Reader:

you should have a selenium Rectifier and CDI Ignition?  Power should go from battery to rectifier then to CDI and coils and generator from CDI 4 wires
Black ground
white to rectifier oposite of battery connection (Rectifier 2 posts current flows one way if diode is not shorted or open)
Orange coil Power
Black/red power

Positive lead on battery should have 2 leads one to rectifier and the other to switch

Does this help any?
you can try disconnecting yellow/red from generator as this is ac lighting supply and see if everything cools down.  if it does then there is short in lighting draining power.  with unhooked see if power to coil… could be issue!  tells you problem is in lighting. taillight, brakelight, headlight, all can be seperately disconnected to see where problem is.

Also from key switch Battery Voltage (red Wire) becomes brown.  Brown (I call Tan) feed power to everything on bike

Evan Fell

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