Repair Manual for Yamaha

I have a small one cylinder Yamaha. It was given to my family and we have no information about it at all. I am searching for a manual for it, but the serial number on the stem below the handle bars is only 8 numbers long. Here it is: G5-204403

I understand that most Yamaha’s have 17 or so digits in the serial number. But I am certain this is the complete serial number, I have checked very carefully and there are no worn numbers. Any suggestions about where to find out what kind of bike this is so I can get a manual?

Notes from a Reader:
TRY SENDING SERIAL TO YAMAHA USA. I sent my serial number to Yamaha Austrailia (I am in Thailand and got the typical no response here) and they next day  told me cc engine and year everything as I was looking for parts for my 1984 Yamaha Belle Y80M.  I had located several other partial bike to peice parts from if they matched close enough.

Do you know if it is a 50cc, 80cc or 100cc engine?  any body markings, decals?  Is it a standard bike or is it a moped style with tank under seat?  I have several manuals 50cc 80cc and 100cc in Multiple languages but English is included

Evan Fell

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