Wiring Problems on a 76 Honda CB750A

Gents here is my crisis. My 76 Honda CB750A has some gremlins in the wiring. Specifically regarding the tail light /turn signals. I hit the signal and the tail light flashes and the signal barely has a glimmer to it. I’ve checked a number of leads but with no luck. Takers on this?

The old CB’s don’t particularly have an abundance of electrical power. If your battery is weak the lights will be dim. If you’re sitting at idle the lights will be dim.

Having a bad ground will of course cause similar symptoms, but so can having old corroded wires, rusted connections, and an old flasher relay and even bulbs.

If you hold the throttle around 2,000RPMs and see good voltage across the battery, and the blinkers are still really dull, then you’ll need to trace all the associated wires and connectors and just clean them up as best you can. Also inspect the bulbs themselves and consider replacing the flasher relay with a new one – they can be bought at Autozone/PepBoys/Napa for $3.

Evan Fell

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