Right side dust cover, Front Wheel, 1978 Honda CX500

How the H*LL do you get the right side dust cover off to drive out the bearing?

Is there a circlip that holds in the bearing in on the CX500? If not, just pound out the bearing as normal, the dust cover certainly won’t prevent it from coming out.

If there is a circlip you need to get to, then just pry the crap out of the dust cover with a flathead until it at least tears and you can grab it with some pliers. (Replace with new  smile )

I got it out several days ago. I didn’t realize it was a “small” seal, I thought I had to get the entire big cone shaped dealy off there. I did have to cut 1/8″ off the spacer that’s between the bearings though. The new bearings wouldn’t seat properly otherwise. Almost time to put the newley polished carbs back in and fire it up.

Cheers to that!

Evan Fell

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