1980 XS Yamaha 850 Triple shaft drive Bobber

looking to turn my bike into a bobber really do not know how to go about it,do you think a shaft drive would turn out as a sweet bobber…this bike I hav had since new really do not want to let it go so really want a bobber and think it would make a nice one but never seen a shaft drive as a bobber if you know of any or have any pics would love to see them and any input you have would be greatly appreciated thanks bro looking forward to hearing from you Peace bro,┬áPete…

The quality of the finished project will be exactly as good as the effort and time you put into it. There have been tons of awesome shaft drive bikes built, the XS line is no exception.

I tend to like the bagged out XS1100’s myself, but I’ve always been an XS11 fan.

Yamaha XS1100 Hardtail Chopper

Evan Fell

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