Engine Coating Question

Hey Evan

Need more advice on this KZ650 cafe project.  Bike is pretty clean but I am having the engine plastic bead blasted anyhow just to even out the look of the aluminum.  Till I am done this bike is going to be mostly engine anyhow so I want it to look good.

On my CB 900 I painted the engine black with high heat paint as it was mostly painted factory black in 82 anyhow.  But with the KZ I am wondering what sort of clear coat can I put on that protects the freshly blasted aluminum from oxidation while handling the heat without trapping too much?

My CB has an external oil cooler so heat is not a big issue but I’ve heard both painted air cooled engines are not a good idea to it doesn’t matter?



I like the Duplicolor Engine Enamel products. I find they lay down much nicer than the Rustoleum and other spray equivalents.

I wouldn’t worry about spraying too many coats of paint on your engine. CB’s do not run especially hot and a few coats of paint has little effect. Many of the motors came painted and clear coated from the factory anyway.


Evan Fell

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