Just picked up a 1978 Yamaha XS1100 E Standard

I got a lift out to Arizona this weekend and picked up this Yamaha XS1100e.

1978 Yamaha XS1100E

1978 Yamaha XS1100E

I managed to lose my camera on the trip so I only have these low res cell phone photos for now.

It’s a 1978 model with 49,000 miles on it. Just had the valves refreshed and the cam chain replaced.

It’s idling slightly rough, but runs and rides pretty well otherwise. It has a few highly desirable mods for this particular model. The coolest is the replacement of the final drive gears with the gears from an XS750 triple. This reduces the highway cruising RPM’s by about 700 and improves gas mileage. You can also swap out the XS850 gears. They are not a direct swap, but simple enough that it is becoming common to do.

It also has Honda 3 ohm coils which removes the need for the ballast resistor. And the Yamaha Venturer auto cam chain tensioner swap.

It also has new fork springs, wheel bearings, fuse panel, and a few other pieces.

A good solid bike. It needs a little tuning still, but it hums down the highway beautifully. I’ve always liked these XS1100s.

Better pictures to come!

Here’s a photo of a XS1100 primary drive and chain. Look how beafy that chain is!!

XS1100 Primary drive chain

I ordered up some superbike bend handlebars to swap onto the XS1100.  I have put the same bend bars on many of my bikes over the years and always like the look and comfort level – I have long arms. I also ordered some new grips, oil filters, and air filters. This bike is going to be ready to haul some serious miles!

Here are a couple others I put the same bars on.

Honda CB750K SOHC

Yamaha XS400 SOHC

I’ve been out putting lots of miles on the Yamaha XS1100. It cruises so nicely.

I adjusted the clutch cable today and it really cleared up some hard shifting symptoms I was having. It seemed to be in adjustment originally, but these bikes like them set a little tight.

I cruised up the coast tonight – it was beautiful out:

Evan Fell Yamaha XS1100

Evan Fell

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