1971 BMW R75/5

Got this bike with 18k. Well taken care of but smashed headlight 12 years ago. In the process of locating light assembly and parts to get it running. The tank is a toaster but not original to the date 1971 so I want to get the original 6 gallon and paint it white. Any thoughts?

Thanks, John


Hey Boxer – awesome bike! The /5’s are my favorite airheads by far. When I was cruising around on my R60/5 I always secretly wished it was an R75, however I did always like the super simple Bing carbs on the R60.

Your bike looks beautiful. I’m with you though – I prefer the 6 gallon touring tank to the toaster tanks. The tank will be hard to find, and expensive. There are many guys you prefer the toaster tanks and may be interested in swapping. The only two places you’re likely to find some tank options are on ebay and on the BMW motorcycle owners forumshttp://www.bmwmoa.org/. Your search will be long and difficult, so I wish you luck.

You are right that the perfect tank for your bike is a white 6 gallon. Personally, I would only want a tank with original paint, even if the paint was beat up. I love the look of a nice old worn original paint job.

How does the bike run? I notice you have the spark plug leads disconnected and the carb is being tinkered with.

Evan Fell

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