Do you keep them or sell them?

Hi, Great Bikes you have!! I like your Yamahas the best. Do you sell them, or just keep them after you get them fix up? How big is your shop?

I get a lot of shop questions. I’ve had lots of different work spaces over the years.

When I lived in a small apartment I worked out of here:

It was small and cozy, but I was able to get a lot done. I sealed it in with a tarp in the winter to try and keep it somewhat warm – but it didn’t work well.


Sometimes I have the bikes inside:


Then I upgraded to an excellent garage.

Man, I loved having that space. My landlord wasn’t thrilled though, hah!

When I’m on the road I work where-ever I can.

And there are lots of times I’ve worked out of storage units.

I pretty much just work where ever I can. I wish I had a great garage right now, but I don’t.

And to address your other question. No, I don’t keep them. I wish I could, but mostly I fix them up, ride them a while, then sell and buy something else.

Evan Fell

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