1976 Kawasaki KH100

I haven’t had a Kawasaki KH100 before and never paid much attention to them. But I just stumbled across this example being sold by a gent in California who used it as a display piece in his dealership. It only has 17 miles on it! A lot of the road going 2 strokes of this… Continue reading 1976 Kawasaki KH100

1978 Yamaha XS1100

Since I’m already on the topic of late 70’s Yamaha bikes and mentioned my sorted history with XS1100’s yesterday, I figure I ought to dispense a little information about how to build one properly into a long distance touring bike. This is my 1978 Yamaha XS1100 that I picked up in Arizona. 1978 is the… Continue reading 1978 Yamaha XS1100

Get a Yamaha SR500

A reader recently wrote in a question addressing my apparent lack of interest in the Yamaha SR500 singles. Just stumbled upon your site, awesome. I just can’t understand with all of the great motorcycles that you’ve chosen, how you don’t own an SR500.  The xs650 is fun, the XS1100 is fast, the XS400 is cute,… Continue reading Get a Yamaha SR500

2002 Honda XR650R

I was just flipping back through the blog and realized I never wrote up anything about my 2002 Honda XR650R. I’ve had a lot of XR600’s and other Honda singles, but I always wanted to have a go with an XR650R. The aircooled XR600R was retired after it’s final production year of 2000, the same… Continue reading 2002 Honda XR650R

Yamaha XS1100 Service Repair Manual

[download file=’http://cycles.evanfell.com/wp-content/service-manuals/Yamaha/Yamaha_XS1100_Service_Manual.pdf’ title=’Yamaha_XS1100_Service_Manual.pdf’] This files is 86 megabytes.

Honda CX500 Factory Service Repair Manual

I had a request for a Honda CX500 manual. So here it is! This manual is broken into individual files, one for each chapter. Download the ones you need, or all of them. [download file=’http://cycles.evanfell.com/wp-content/service-manuals/Honda/Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch0_Table_of_Contents.pdf’ title=’Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch0_Table_of_Contents.pdf’] [download file=’http://cycles.evanfell.com/wp-content/service-manuals/Honda/Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch1_General_Information.pdf’ title=’Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch1_General_Information.pdf’] [download file=’http://cycles.evanfell.com/wp-content/service-manuals/Honda/Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch2_Lubrication.pdf’ title=’Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch2_Lubrication.pdf’] [download file=’http://cycles.evanfell.com/wp-content/service-manuals/Honda/Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch3_Inspection_and_Adjustment.pdf’ title=’Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch3_Inspection_and_Adjustment.pdf’] [download file=’http://cycles.evanfell.com/wp-content/service-manuals/Honda/Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch4_Fuel_System.pdf’ title=’Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch4_Fuel_System.pdf’] [download file=’http://cycles.evanfell.com/wp-content/service-manuals/Honda/Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch5_Engine_Removal_and_Installation.pdf’ title=’Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch5_Engine_Removal_and_Installation.pdf’] [download file=’http://cycles.evanfell.com/wp-content/service-manuals/Honda/Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch6_Cylinder_Head_and_Valves.pdf’ title=’Honda_CX500_Factory_Service_Manual_ch6_Cylinder_Head_and_Valves.pdf’] [download… Continue reading Honda CX500 Factory Service Repair Manual

Hundreds of Motorcycle Service Manuals – For Free!

I get emails from readers quite regularly looking for service manuals for their bike. I always try and help as best as I can. Over the years I’ve amassed quite a large collection of motorcycle service manuals for all sorts of bikes. I have factory repair manuals, part microfiche manuals, setup and tuning documentation, owners… Continue reading Hundreds of Motorcycle Service Manuals – For Free!