TX500 Frozen Engine

After deciding the TX500 engine was not going to break loose with any amount of soaking or pressure I tore into the top end. What I found was an incredible amount of rust and gunk built up on the cylinder walls and the pistons. No suprise there I suppose. A replacement cylinder is on the… Continue reading TX500 Frozen Engine

Both 400 Twins are Sold!

Both of the 400cc inline twin bikes got picked up a few days ago. The same buyer took both of them. I’ll certainly miss the XS it was a blast to zip around on.

1974 Kawasaki KZ400

This bike is fresh from the barn. It looks pretty poor, there is a lot of rust and the paint has certainly seen better days. It took about 30 minutes to bring this bike back from the dead. I hadn’t run since 1988 I am told. After a good tune up this little bike will… Continue reading 1974 Kawasaki KZ400

1975 Yamaha TX500

This bike just rolled in yesterday. It’s in pretty good shape, but the engine is locked up tight. Hopefully it can be freed up and started but either way this motor is getting torn down. Unfortunately TX’s are few and far between, because of this replacement parts (particularly internal engine parts) will be difficult to… Continue reading 1975 Yamaha TX500

KZ Rear Wheel

This is the bikes rear wheel after it has been thouroughly cleaned, painted and polished. It looks absolutely awesome and has a fresh Bridgestone BT45 tire on it.

Final Paint Coats Finished

It took a while to get all the coats on this motor, but the kz550 motor is ready to rock and looks nice and shiney. There are many layers of primer, paint, and clear on this engine, hopefully I won’t have overheating issues. I guess we’ll just wait and see.

Incoming Bikes

Just rolled a 1974 Yamaha TX500 8-valve into the shop tonight. Tomorrow I’m going to pick up a 1980 Kawasaki KZ400. Both bikes are in pretty decent shape. The motor of the TX is stuck pretty good, but the head will get pulled tomorrow and we’ll sort out what the problem is. Both bikes will… Continue reading Incoming Bikes

1978 CB836 Sold!

This bike sold a little while ago but I felt it should be noted. It was fun to put together and awesome to cruise on. It had an 836 kit in the motor, and electronic ignition, and some other goodies. The new owner couldn’t be disappointed.

1982 CB650 Sold!

This is the bike as it was brought into the shop. I forgot to take a photo of it as it left, so there is no after. This was a great little bike. With some minor assembly, a good carb cleaning, and a couple odds and ends this bike looked and ran great. Bye.