TX500 Frozen Engine

After deciding the TX500 engine was not going to break loose with any amount of soaking or pressure I tore into the top end. What I found was an incredible amount of rust and gunk built up on the cylinder walls and the pistons. No suprise there I suppose. A replacement cylinder is on the way, as well as new piston kits. A replacement cam chain (had to be cut) and gasket set will be much harder to source.


By ef

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  1. Evan, My TX500 is just like yours, except mine is missing some rather fundamental pieces. Do you have a source for parts, ie. rear brake and gear shift levers, carb. set, chrome headlamp pieces? Thanks, Don


  2. Hey Evan, I know I am a little late on this post, but do you still have any parts remaining for this TX500 engine / bike? If so, what parts you got left?



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