1985 Yamaha YZ125

A bit of a beater that I bought on a whim. But generally a good vintage ride. Does a bike have to be 20 or 25 years old to qualify for vintage AMA racing?

1973 Honda CB350F

Check out this baby. Wow. Just an incredibly crazy vintage ride. This is the most unoriginal CB350 four I’ve ever seen in my life. Normally such small bikes aren’t decked out in full touring garb, but this one has had at least one interesting owner in the past. This baby has a king and queen… Continue reading 1973 Honda CB350F

BMW R80 Stuck Piston

The motor on the Beemer didn’t turn and I quickly found out why. When I pulled the spark plug from the left cylinder it had mold on it. When I pulled the head I found a real nasty cylinder. It must have somehow got some water trapped in there because mold and rust were set… Continue reading BMW R80 Stuck Piston

1978 BMW R80 Airhead

I couldn’t believe the deal I found on this BMW. It had been sitting in a basement for several years. Motor was stuck and it was missing the ignition (and a few other odds and ends). I couldn’t resist towing it home. The bike is more or less in great condition. The chrome is good,… Continue reading 1978 BMW R80 Airhead

1998 Yamaha YZ125

I picked up this 1998 Yamaha YZ 125 for a little fall fun. It started getting cold really fast though, so I didn’t get too much use out of it. I enjoy the small weight of these bikes and the ability to really manhandle them, though for my type of riding they aren’t ideal. I… Continue reading 1998 Yamaha YZ125

The RD 350 48 Hours Later

Well well well, a couple big cans of elbow grease and look what I’ve got. A nice shiny vintage 2 smoker. And it’s a 6 speed! There is still plenty of work to be done, but what a transformation.

1974 Yamaha RD350 R5

I’ve always wanted an old 70’s 2 stroke motorcycle. Well, I finally found one. I may have found the most rusted up, junked one around, but t he point is .. . . .I found one. I immediately pulled off the luggage rack, sissy bar, engine guards, and assessed the situation.