1973 Honda CB350F

Check out this baby. Wow. Just an incredibly crazy vintage ride. This is the most unoriginal CB350 four I’ve ever seen in my life. Normally such small bikes aren’t decked out in full touring garb, but this one has had at least one interesting owner in the past.

This baby has a king and queen seat, vetter fairing, hard saddle bags, luggage rack, sissy bar with back pad, engine gaurds, highway pegs, saddlebag gaurds, 4 into 2 exhaust, cruise control, and probably a couple other odds and ends.

The more amazing thing is that the bike only has 5,000 miles on it! It hasn’t been run much in the past years (obviously) but fires right up and runs well. I took it out the other day in between snow storms and it zipped right along pretty well. It was famed as being a very smooth motor, and this is certainly true. With the 4 into 2 exhaust it has a great exhaust note too.

The CB350 four cylinder motor on paper has the slight edge on peak horsepower compared to the famed CB350 two cylinder model. However, the 2 cylinder makes substantially more torque at lower RPMs so I believe it is actually the faster bike. Both are great steads.

I would take a 2 cylinder bike over a 4 cylinder any day of the week because they are easier to maintain. But these 350f’s are real cool and have a lot of great history and engineering in them. I can never resist an interesting bike.


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