My 1986 Honda CR250R

1986 Honda CR250R, originally uploaded by evanfell. I have now owned a couple different 1986 250 two-stroke MX bikes. My first real dirtbike was this 1986 Kawasaki KX250 which I haven’t written about yet – but here is a photo. This Honda CR250 was a little beat up but I was able to buy it… Continue reading My 1986 Honda CR250R

Riding a Motorcycle Across Loose Terrain

For many riders beginning to venture off-road the biggest challenge they face is riding across loose terrain. When riding on pavement traction is consistent leading to predictable acceleration, cornering, and braking. There is also little need to monitor wheel position, suspension action, or balance – on the road, it’s all a no brainer. When a… Continue reading Riding a Motorcycle Across Loose Terrain