Evan’s Answers 1: Finding KTM 500 Parts

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Chad writes:
I reaquired my first race bike, a 85 KTM 500 MXC. I am having a very difficult time finding a good Elba headlight and exhaust pipe for it. Most of the bike was still there just not running. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Chad, 

Finding original parts for the KTM open class race bikes is and increasingly diffcult challenge. There are not many of these bikes around in good condition, particularly being parted out. If you want to find a stock Elba headlight you are going to have a difficult time. You can keep your eyes open for one to pop up on eBay, or you can ask around in the ‘Oldies/Big Bore’ forum on KTMTalk. Other than that you’ll be pretty much out of luck.

For those who don’t know what we are discussing, Chad is looking for one of these:

Vintage KTM Elba Headlight
Vintage KTM Elba Headlight

This is a photo of mine! 🙂

Acerbis at one point made a Elba style replica headlight. You can still find replacement bulbs and straps for them at Bike Bandit, but I don’t think they are making the headlight unit anymore.

As for the exhaust pipe, there is only one pipe still available for the old KTM big bores, but it’s a good one. Dynoport makes some awesome pipes for KTM 500’s of all years. You can find them right on the Dynoport Website. Be prepared to pay for the rarity!

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  1. i am looking for an aftermarket pipe for my ’83 KTM 420. Please e-mail me if you have one or if you know where i can get one.


  2. Hi theree I have a 1988 KTM 500 ,Having trouble starting it ,it has been stood for a while ,changed fuel e,sparkplug and new cap,It starts some times ,but is iregular and sends a lot of white soke out the back ,it dosent smell like a two stroke should ,any advise please thanks


  3. I have a 1989 KTM 500 MX and I am looking for a left side case cover. Please email me and let me know if there is one available someplace…


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