Best bolts for use on a Comstar Wheel?

I came across your blog posting ( … thawk-450/) when searching for info on rebuilding comstar wheels. I pulled my 1978 comstar wheel apart to get all the rust off the spokes, only to realize that its not so easy finding someone to put it back together! You mentioned in your post that the wheels on the 82 Nighthawk were like the comstars, but bolted to the rim, rather than riveted. I’m considering reassembling mine in such a fashion, but I obviously want to be careful to use the same types of bolts that are used on newer comstars like yours. Are they just regular stainless bolts? Do they have lock washers? Special nuts?

Thanks in advance for any pointers!

Well….. they aren’t actually bolted. I think I was just referring to them being multiple parts attached together rather than a solid cast wheel. The wheels on the Honda Nighthawk 450 are also riveted.

comstar wheel honda nighthawk

That said – I don’t want to recommend bolting them together – BUT, I probably would if I was in your shoes. I would use Grade 8 or better hardened bolts. I would match the diameter exactly to the hole, if you can’t, I would drill the holes one size larger. And I would use bolts that were not threaded all the way to the cap.


Evan Fell

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