Vintage Japanese motorcycle for a big guy?

Im looking for a vintage Japanese streetbike and I want to ask you for some advice. I’m a pretty big guy at six foot one and I’m looking for a bike that is a good match for my frame. I’ve been looking online but its hard to tell how big they are without scouring the net for specs or going out to see every one I see. What vintage motorcycle would you recommend for a rider with long arms & legs?

Well, for the record I’m 6’3″. I’ve owned tons of bikes, and the only one I simply couldn’t manage due to size was the Honda CMX 450 because my knees would hit the handlebars.

As for a bike – pick any man. A smaller bike like a CB350 will have your legs bent a bit more than others, but is no means uncomfortable unless you are touring.

Oddly enough, the most comfortable bike I ever road for long long distances was a 1981 Suzuku GS550L. It’s seat height is actually pretty low, but for some reason I was just really comfortable seated on it for 1000 mile stints (yes, I did an Ironbutt on this beat up bike – the day after buying it non-running).

1982 Suzuki GS550L

Evan Fell

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