How do the jets seat on a Yamaha Maxim 550?

I recently purchases a maxim 550. I was told by the previous owner when I got it that the only thing it needed was the carbs cleaned. I found your page on cleaning carbs but I really don’t know what I’m doing. One question. I took everything apart (not each carb from the set but all the little screws and such from inside like in your page) As I was putting it back together I wonder if some of the screws are supposed to be set a certain way. I mean, do I screw everything back in all the way? there were a couple that looked like they could be for adjusting.

All the internal jets will seat all the way in. Screw them all the way in, and apply gentle pressure to seat them – DO NOT crank on the jets or twist strongly on them, you’ll strip the brass. Just a light seat is all they need.

The only ‘adjustable’ jet you may be referring to is the air jet, which is installed and adjusted from outside of the carburetors. This jet is long and pointy. A general rule of thumb is about 1.5 turns out from seated. So screw the jet in all the way (gently!) – once seated turn it back out 1.5 turns. This can be adjusted up and down depending on the bike, tuning, elevation, etc.

Evan Fell

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