What parts interchange between Honda CB500 and CB750

I recently bought a 1972 Honda CB500 for 400 bucks and I plan on turning it into a cafe racer. This is my first bike ever and I’ve done a fair bit of research into the bike, but I’m still trying to figure out which parts I can swap from other models such as the 550 or 750. Specifically things like the front forks/triple clamp, exhaust, seat, rims, etc.

I know some websites list which parts will fit which model of bike or have universal parts, but some sites I’ve looked at only refer to the 750. Perhaps you can clarify if these models have inter-changeble parts or maybe send me in the direction of a good source of information.

Thanks for your help and guiding newbies such as myself. Oh and I really dig the blog, keep up the good work.

The Honda CB500 (four cylinder) shares the same size forks as the Honda CB750’s. They are all 35mm forks.

35 Honda CB-500 “500 Four” (71-73)
35 Honda CX-500C “Custom” (81-82)
35 Honda GB-500 (89-90)
35 Honda GL-500/I (81-82)
35 Honda XL-500S (79-80 To 5104835)
35 Honda XL-500S (80- 81)
35 Honda CB-550 “550 Four K” (74-78)
35 Honda CB-650 (79-80)
35 Honda CB-650 (81-82)
35 Honda CB-650C (80 To 2009951)
35 Honda CB-750K (69)
35 Honda CB-750 “750 Four” (70, 72)
35 Honda CB-750A “750 Hondamatic” (76-78)
35 Honda CB-750C “Custom” (80-82)
35 Honda CB-750F “Super Sport” (75-78)
35 Honda CB-750F (79-80)
35 Honda CBX (79-80)

Exhaust and seat will be no-gos, but if you are doing a custom cafe project you’ll want to use something aftermarket/home-brewed anyway.

The guys over on the SOHC4 forum can help out with specific part interchangeability, but CB500 parts are not hard to come by so you shouldn’t be wanting for too much.

Evan Fell

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