Looking for someone to lace new rims on my 1977 Honda CB400F2

First things first, great site. Appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge. I live in West Newton, MA and am getting ready to restore a ’77 Honda CB400F2. I am looking for someone who can lace and true the spoke wheels on the front and back. I am going to be using the original hubs, but have bought new rims and spokes as the originals are severely rusted. Can you point me in the direction of someone who knows how to do this work?

As someone who prides myself on doing my own work, I must encourage you to tackle this project on your own.

It will take a beginner a few hours to lace a true a wheel, but it is not an excruciating task. Take photos of your wheels so you can note the pattern. Tear them down (I would take a grinder to the spokes and cut them out). Then re-lace one spoke at a time. There are lots of great how-to’s around for this, and I may even put one together in the near future.

As for truing, a simple homebuilt stand can work just fine. Or a simple balancing/truing stand from a vendor like http://www.beemerbalancers.com (I am affiliated with this company FYI) will work fantastically. I use the pocket balancer and it works great. You’ll want to double check your bearing size though because I can’t remember specifically what the CB400’s use and they only offer adapters to fit certain sizes.

Evan Fell

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